Good news, we can now start the official TSEUQUEST launch . Finally, it’s really happening.

We’ll start with the Spanish edition first. It’s the most appropriate both logistically and for controlling work batches and shipments. The backers and pre-orders for the project are predominantly Spanish by far.

Once deliveries of the Spanish edition are finished, we will then proceed with the other four languages: English, German, French, and Italian. The editions in these four languages will all be available simultaneously.

TSEUQUEST will be available for sale in Spanish stores and on our online store starting Friday, May 3, 2024. Before that date, in the coming days, we will begin to send your games to Spanish backers and pre-order customers. We will do our best to have as many backers and pre-orders delivered before the game is launched in stores, but we have to admit that some backers may receive the game while it is already being sold in stores.

90% of the participants have shown remarkable patience, and we appreciate it. We are delighted to finally give you the good news that TSEUQUEST games are starting to be delivered. It is a relief and immense joy to be able to deliver something that has required a lot of effort and has needed to overcome so many difficulties. Patience rewards those who wait.

Un saludo afectuoso.