Hello adventurers and evil warlocks!

In this update I’m going to tell you about one of the pillars on which TseuQuest is built, the Adventurers you will incarnate in the game and the enemies you will face.

Before we get into it, we would like to inform you that we have already received the reprint of the sheets that had misprints and we are currently replacing the faulty ones with new ones in all the boxes. This has brought us one step closer to the end of this journey but at the same time has delayed us more than we thought as the replacement is more laborious than expected.

Without further delay, let me tell you some of the ins and outs of the adventurers and their opponents.

In TseuQuest there are 8 Adventurers, each with a different set of skills and characteristics. Not all Adventurers will be able to move the same amount of squares, do the same amount of damage and even move in the same directions, the variety of skills that all these characters have means that the same situation could be solved instantly by the players or end up being a challenge .

Moreover, in TseuQuest it is not a matter of choosing one character and playing him/her during the whole adventure plot line, but that the players will actually have at their disposal a pool of 8 adventurers they will have to manage, choosing one or the other for each adventure, not only according to their preference but also managing character skills and availability in case of illness, injury, or even being imprisoned.

On the other hand, both the 8 adventurers that make up the core game and the 16 extra adventurers that you will be able to recruit in the campaign in Vol. II “The Mysterious Books of Sand”, have their own story and a reason why they have been gathered by Mentor. On the back of each sheet there is a fragment on the arrival of each of them to the Order where Mentor is a member, because if there is something we have wanted to deepen in TseuQuest is the games lore and all the elements that give life to them.

With this idea in mind, the Antagonists emerge, the most fearsome enemies the players will have to face. You could say that they are the adventurers’ counterpart to the evil warlocks. They are beings that have their own character sheets just like the Adventurers, with different attack and defense dice, different skills, different personal items and of course, different stories that give meaning to their existence and motivations within the games.

One notable difference between Adventurers and Antagonists is that Adventurers use movement dice while Antagonists can move a fixed amount of squares. This is a small advantage given to the long-suffering evil warlocks that they must take advantage of to twist the Adventurers’ plans.

But it doesn’t end there, there is a third key figure among the creatures that bring TseuQuest games to life, and that is the Henchmen.

The Henchmen are the main force behind the evil warlocks, those loathsome goblins that inhabit the dungeons and the remains of wretched adventurers that have been raised as abominable skeletons. But you can also encounter fierce primordial chaos warriors and strange beings of the depths such as the mysterious “Tentacles from the Abyss”.

Unlike the Antagonists, the Henchmen do not have their own character sheets, but their characteristics and skills are described on “monster cards”, which give shape to the “Monsterpedia”. In addition, some quests may specify variations on this or that henchmen, because no two creatures are alike among the hordes of evil.

In total, the evil warlocks will have 35 henchmen under their command, plus the 3 Antagonists for the retail version, which is Volumen I of the adventures. This entire batch can be reinforced with 9 antagonists and 13 minions from the aforementioned Volumen II adventures.

I take my leave as Mentor says at the end of the meetings with the adventurers in the battle room: “May pain not overtake you”.


The Archivist.


PD: The TseuQuest currently in pre-sale and later also in shops is equivalent to Volumen I of adventures with all its components. Backers will also receive the material from Volumen II in the same game box. All that extra material makes up the Volumen II and will be compiled in an expansion with its own box that will be available for sale shortly after TseuQuest’s release, for all those interested in expanding the content of the core TseuQuest and to continue the plot of the campaign proposed in the game.