Family Portrait

Hello adventurers and evil warlocks!

We are back with another update regarding the printing material that… we are already receiving!

This phase of the project is exciting because we finally have in our hands the culmination of years of work. Besides, we can also show you our beloved TseuQuest (basic) as it deserves.

But it hasn’t all been joy. When reviewing the material received we have detected some unexpected printing errors. They are a small part, but as they are errors that affect the gameplay we can’t overlook them. We have decided not to ship the games and give a reprint order to the printer house of the affected components. It will take 4 to 5 weeks to send us the corrected items. As soon as we receive them, we will add them to the game boxes we already have here, so this setback will be solved.

See you soon!

PS: Many of you have asked us about the product that we are showing. For now we are focused on showing the components that make up the TseuQuest retail version, that is currently available for presale. Actually all games of the backer and retail versions are already manufactured and stocked. Of the 8 trailer trucks that we have to receive with the games, we already have 3 in our Gamezone facilities, whose capacity is limited to the contents of 4 trucks at a time. We will need to ship the games as soon as we can, so that we can continue to receive them from the warehouse of the printer