TseuQuesT, update

Sorry for the delay in updating the information about TseuQuesT. After various readjustments with the printing, we needed to know the exact dates on which we would have all the printed material, in order to update the work schedule.


Once we have the printing material in our Gamezone warehouse in Seville (which is scheduled for mid-July), then, we will proceed to the final packaging of the product, which will consist of adding a box with miniatures into each of the games.

Hasbro’s Heroquest copies have already been ordered, in order to attend the exchanges (CANJE) at the same time that we ship TseuQuesT, making both shipments simultaneously to optimize logistics.

Once the games that correspond to each client are prepared, we will send you an email notifying you that we have sent out your order.


We ask all our customers to carry out a final review of their mailing addresses and any other possible information, to do so they must log into their Gamezone Miniatures online store customer account and verify that these are correct and as complete as possible, making any changes they deem necessary.

In this way, delivery problems are avoided that could lead not only to unwanted delays but also to shipment returns that generate extra shipping costs.

So, as a precaution, check the name that appears in your customer account, because in some cases a nickname or an alias appears that probably complicates delivery.

If we detect something in your shipping address that could affect or cause a delivery failure, then we will not send your order until it is resolved.

Remember: adequate and complete data, guaranteed delivery.

Thanks for your patience.