Good news, we can now start the official TSEUQUEST launch . Finally, it’s really happening. We’ll start with the Spanish edition first. It’s the most appropriate both logistically and for controlling work batches and shipments. The backers and pre-orders for the project are predominantly Spanish by far. Once deliveries of the Spanish edition are finished, […]


Sorry for the wait and the suspense generated by not uploading announcements at the rate we were doing. We have been busy making sure we’ve all the elements and tasks sorted out to get the game officially released. And it has kept us absorbed. We are going to share with you the plans and timeline […]


Hello adventurers and evil warlocks! In this update I’m going to tell you about one of the pillars on which TseuQuest is built, the Adventurers you will incarnate in the game and the enemies you will face. Before we get into it, we would like to inform you that we have already received the reprint […]

Languages and pre-sales update

Hello adventurers and evil warlocks! In this update I’m going to talk mainly about the languages in which TseuQuest will be released. From the beginning we have been working with the idea that the game will be available in 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) at its release, with all that this implies, […]

Family Portrait

Hello adventurers and evil warlocks! We are back with another update regarding the printing material that… we are already receiving! This phase of the project is exciting because we finally have in our hands the culmination of years of work. Besides, we can also show you our beloved TseuQuest (basic) as it deserves. But it […]

A first look

Hello adventurers! We share some photos from the printing house. We hope you are as happy as we are. We are getting closer to our goals. Soon we’ll show more photos of the final components.

TseuQuesT, update

Sorry for the delay in updating the information about TseuQuesT. After various readjustments with the printing, we needed to know the exact dates on which we would have all the printed material, in order to update the work schedule.   Once we have the printing material in our Gamezone warehouse in Seville (which is scheduled […]